KEG 1" Connection

1" & 1 1/4" Power Clean Nozzle with Ceramic Inserts

Product Code: 167585

1" & 1 1/4" Power Clean Nozzle

Rotor nozzle - utilizing automatic rotation speed limitation - is perfect for all around pipe cleaning and primarily intended for grease removal. It will also remove scale, crusts and deposits of all kinds. This special rotor nozzle can be operated both with front and rear jet. Ideal for vehicles with water recycling system, Nozzle body made of highly wear-resistant, stainless material, Adjustable guide skids, Can also be operated without guide skids, Maintenance free, replaceable nozzle inserts. Includes Guide Skid for pipe diameters from 200 mm Additional equipment: HP swivel joint 1¼" - Part N° 153379 Extra skid (4x) - Part N° 153294 Distance plate (4x)* - Part N° 153295 * to adjust guide skid to pipe diameter Can be used as either a 1" Connection or an 1 ¼" Connection. Includes Skid Guides To Suit Pipe Diameters From 200mm Number of Inserts - 12, Nozzle Length 280mm Diameter 120mm, Number of Inserts – 12 For use with Pipe Diameter From 200mm
£3070.93 excl VAT
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Unit of sale: Each

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Product enquiry

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